XST Advantage
Our Advantage

    one-stop solution
    Fast and stable aging
    Safe and reliable channel
    High quality comprehensive service
    Its own logistics and warehouse management system allows you to control the delivery order details in real time, and the logistics track is updated in time, so that you can trace your traces. The overseas warehouse system can query inventory information, in-out records, expense details, account balances, etc. in a timely manner.
    Review and check the product category, product certification, declaration data and other information before delivery; at the same time, insure the transportation of the product to ensure the safety of the product;
    Familiar with EU customs clearance rules, customs duties and value-added tax, etc., as well as in-depth understanding of EU regulations and product safety certification, and familiar with European product patents and intellectual property risks;
    4 years of European cross-border logistics development, rich experience in customs clearance, inspection, certification, taxation and legal affairs related to European logistics.
    Domestic express delivery orders will be printed in advance, and express delivery will be arranged in time after customs clearance; air freight will be issued within 12 hours, and delivered within 5-7 days.
    Special line mode, weekly fixed frequency, fixed shipping space, timely update of logistics information, self-owned Vat customs clearance, preparation of various customs clearance and inspection preparatory materials in advance, and efficient and timely handling of emergencies;
    Self-built channels, integration of high-quality railway, air, ocean transportation companies, customs clearance agents, end-to-end docking with internationally renowned mainstream express channels such as UPS, DHL, DPD, GLS, etc., and constantly optimize the timeliness of each link of the channel;
■ Provide comprehensive cross-border logistics and overseas warehousing services such as direct small package and large package special line + FBA head trip (railway, sea and air transportation) + overseas warehouse;

Other advantages
Other advantages

  • Optional card delivery and express delivery at the end of the journey
  • Serving cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade brands, and international buyers, providing station-to-station, door-to-station, door-to-door and other services
  • Flexible and diverse transportation solutions, which can be customized according to customer types and needs
  • It can meet the needs of domestic direct shipment, FBA or overseas warehouse shipments
  • General goods and built-in, supporting batteries and other products can be issued
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