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Recruitment position: Operations Customer Service
Recruitment requirements:
Responsible for communicating, negotiating, and handling pre - and post port issues with clients
Receive business orders and arrange booking, transportation, cargo tracking, customs clearance, settlement, and other matters
Place system orders and improve system data based on business data

Verify the packing list and invoice, confirm the information of the goods, and prepare relevant documents such as bills of lading

We look forward to you:
English Level 4+
Have relevant freight forwarding experience/North American shipping experience
1-3 years of experience in customer service operations

Recruitment position: Sales Elite

Recruitment requirements:
International trade, logistics, marketing or related majors, as well as experience in the freight forwarding industry, are preferred
Those who pursue the domestic and international freight forwarding industry can be trained with salary

Vocational school education or above, outstanding fresh graduates are also eligible

We look forward to you:
Having certain interpersonal skills and stress resistance;

Good at communication and able to think from a customer's perspective

Company benefits

1. High end office buildings
2. Can provide employee dormitories
3. The company is concerned about employee dining issues and is equipped with a coffee machine, microwave, refrigerator, which can bring food, as well as a cafeteria.
4. The company purchases medical insurance, pension insurance, maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and accident insurance for employees, and purchases social insurance and provident fund upon entry.
5. Employees are entitled to statutory holidays, weekly departmental gatherings, afternoon tea, and four team building events per year.
6. Regular employee physical examinations, birthday party activities, and holiday welfare distribution
7. Paid annual leave, year-end bonus, statutory marriage leave, paternity leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, etc
The working atmosphere of the company is harmonious, and we look forward to your joining.
9. Specific salary details

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