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Overseas warehouse:

FBA Packaging Labeling
In domestic warehouses, we can provide services of packaging, printing labels, and sticking product labels. If your people are not enough or you are a foreign seller, we can provide you with a full set of pre-shipment services. We have advanced warehouse equipment, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao have their own warehouses, experienced operation guidance can detect in advance whether the product packaging or labels are qualified, and ensure the goods are sold on the shelves.
FBA return service
It is generally difficult for Amazon sellers to avoid account closures for various reasons, products not available on shelves, customer returns, etc. This is a problem that every e-commerce company may encounter. Jinhongya can provide Amazon services for accepting returns and exchanges, rebranding, repackaging, and shipping on behalf of customers in the United States and the United States, so that your products can regain their value and avoid loss of goods.
US overseas warehouses receive returns, exchanges, and rebranding services. After several years of communication with e-commerce customers, our company has found that almost all sellers have a backlog of goods that cannot be sold in Amazon warehouses. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:
1. The packaging of the product is damaged during transportation and cannot be registered as a new product.
2. The LISTING audit is unqualified or invalid.
3. The product is infringed by the defendant, and the account is blocked.
In fact, 95% of these unsalable goods can be re-sold after processing, because:
1. Packing damaged goods, in fact, the goods themselves are not damaged.
2. The buyer may only return it because of personal preference for external packaging.
3. Listing can be solved by creating a new one, or by selling the same product.
4. If an account is down and the goods are still there, you can change your jacket and send it to another account.
The status quo is that most of the sellers are in China and cannot handle these items, so they have to resign themselves to fate. In this way, with the passage of time, more and more unsalable goods have been accumulated in Amazon's warehouses. Apart from the storage fees and destruction fees charged by Amazon, what sellers lose is mainly the money that has been spent on these goods, labeling and labeling. Labor costs, labeling fees, headway freight, customs duties, FBA charges, and expected merchandise revenue. Dealing with backlogs has become the most embarrassing loss for Chinese sellers. Even if Amazon can help return it, where can it be returned.
Handing it over to the forwarding company to return it to the country, the shipping fee is too high, and it is heartbreaking to let Amazon destroy it directly. Continue to keep them in FBA, and Amazon will deduct storage fees again. Jin Hongya is the right-hand man to help you solve these problems. It is your second home besides the FBA warehouse. is your key to breaking through many kinds of confusion. Jinhongya provides repackaging, rebranding, transshipment and secondary sales services in the United States. Our overseas warehouse staff are familiar with Amazon product features and return rules.
Rebranding, packaging, and transshipment can be processed quickly after receiving the return. With Jinhongya's overseas warehouse in the United States, all your goods can be used and sold to the maximum extent, and you will no longer have to pay Amazon in vain. The money you didn't intend to get back is now back.
FBA product testing service
Mainly for customers who are inconvenient to inspect the supplier's products, we will provide basic inspection services such as product packaging or product appearance;
 FBA returns to China
In addition to providing services of exporting to overseas warehouses, we can also return the goods stored by e-commerce customers in overseas warehouses to China. We can provide return services by sea, air and express.

Advantages of overseas warehouses:

Lower logistics costs, direct shipments from North America to North American customers, equivalent to domestic express delivery, lower cost than shipping from China to foreign countries.
Better delivery time. After the first journey has solved the complex problems of transportation, customs declaration, and customs clearance, you no longer have to worry about the customs clearance of the items in the warehouse, wait for the order, and deliver it at any time.
Better warehouse management experience, no longer have to worry about the warehouse administrator's cargo management issues, and order processing is more convenient. Using the company's warehouse management platform, you only need to click the mouse in front of the computer to place the order delivery instructions, overseas The warehousing experienced team will handle the warehousing cargo. You only need to provide the delivery address, product model, delivery quantity and other information to achieve order and delivery synchronization, and automate batch processing of orders.
Better customer experience, because the goods in overseas warehouses are independent from the Amazon account and will not be associated. Therefore, when the merchant encounters the account being blocked, there is no need to worry about the goods being blocked or even destroyed. With the automatic and efficient return processing process, the returned goods due to various reasons can be directly returned to overseas storage, eliminating the cost, aging, and abandonment of domestic and foreign double-clearing losses.
For customs clearance issues, overseas warehouses have the right to deal with them as recipients; and when returning or exchanging goods, overseas warehouses will also process the goods according to the needs of the merchants.

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