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Our company is qualified as Amazon's specific FBA head service provider. Provide you with Amazon FBA first-way shipping service from China to the United States.

FBA head-way services include: Pickup, logistics, customs declaration, settlement, customs clearance, and delivery of the whole process of refined one-stop service.

We provide door-to-door pickup services, and cross-border e-commerce can complete the entire FBA head-to-head service in one-stop with just a few clicks of the mouse. From receiving the order to sending it to the Amazon warehouse, experienced customer service has 24-hour tracking throughout the whole process.
We can customize personalized logistics solutions according to your needs, and you can choose from air, sea and other logistics methods.
FCL and LCL will be followed up with you one-on-one by the commissioner, and will not be mixed to ensure the accuracy of the goods. We also have a mature fleet, providing the most cost-effective delivery service. ~, convenient, save money. Let cross-border e-commerce truly realize "don't worry about the whole process", let you focus on your own product sales, and deliver more and better products from China to our Amazon warehouse distribution center through our convenient and cheap FBA first way, quickly Directly to consumers around the world.

According to the characteristics of different goods, we provide various services:

1. Direct shipping (Amazon, etc.) to warehouses in various regions of the United States
   First of all, it is necessary to confirm that the pallet specifications, weight, dimensions and barcode labels of the goods in the shipping box meet Amazon's logistics requirements.
   The truck company has signed a contract with Amazon, and our company can make an appointment for the unloading docking time of the regional central warehouses in the United States according to the needs of customers.

2. Shipping containers need to be consolidated and then forwarded by Consolidation
   In order to meet the needs of customers that the goods in a single container need to be transferred to different areas, or need to be re-labeled and barcoded, our company will arrange the shipping containers to be processed at the turnover station and reintegrated into the distribution trucks of our company.
   We will label each pallet. After the goods arrive at their respective receiving warehouses, there will be system feedback, and data such as the completion time can be checked.
①We can achieve the most experienced logistics and warehousing services in the United States
From the moment of unloading, the freight service is seamlessly connected to the three-dimensional food-grade warehouse. Our company can provide Amazon-specific pallets, and provide services such as re-rolling and wrapping.

②Long-term and short-term storage services, you can check storage information online at any time. We can cut some products according to customer requirements

③Cross-border delivery services throughout the United States and Canada and South America, providing EDI delivery UCC128 GS1-128 labeling
④When your goods are returned and need to be repackaged or need to be handled simply, our company can provide simple services such as changing the clothes and collars of the goods.

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