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1. Restrictions and prohibitions on shipment

The shipper agrees that all goods delivered by it are transportable. The following goods will not be accepted:

1) Dangerous goods, dangerous goods, and prohibited or restricted items (restricted items: batteries, containing batteries)

Items, medicines urgently used in medical or scientific research, sports firearms, live animals, magnetic materials not exceeding standards, perishable materials, radioactive materials, vaccines, personal or official seals, etc.

2) Items that are deemed unsafe and legally transportable by the supply chain (including but not limited to: counterfeit goods)

Inferior articles, spray containers, alcohol liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive substances, food, tea, cash, cheques, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, flammable and explosive substances, obscene substances, magnetic materials exceeding the standard, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble coatings, animals, cash, anonymous negotiable instruments, precious metals and minerals, guns, ammunition, human body, pornography and illegal narcotics/drugs, as well as other items prohibited by local laws).

2. Inspection

Guanshi Supply Chain has the right to sample and inspect goods without prior notice to the sender. If restricted or prohibited items are found, the Universal Supply Chain will detain all goods on that day and will not process them for delivery. The goods will be detained for one week and returned to the sender, who must pay a prohibited item inspection fee of 50 yuan per shipment to Guanshi.

3. Delivered and Undelivered

The sender ensures the accuracy and completeness of the recipient provided. The goods cannot be delivered according to the postal mailbox, and can only be delivered according to the postal code. They will be delivered (mailed) according to the recipient's address provided by the sender. The first recipient of the email should be considered as the recipient, but it may not necessarily be directly sent to the recipient. If the recipient's address has a centralized delivery point, the goods will be sent to that delivery point.

If one of the following situations occurs, Guanshi Supply Chain will handle the goods in a reasonable manner according to the sender's requirements, and therefore the sender shall bear additional costs:

1) The consignee refuses to accept the goods or refuses to pay taxes;

2) The goods are considered unacceptable;

3) The customs believe that the customs clearance information of the sender does not match the actual goods (the sender of the customs clearance invoice issued by the goods is Guanshi Supply Chain, and if the customs requires the genuine customs clearance information stamped by the sender, the sender must cooperate with the customs for processing);

4) Unable to recognize or locate recipient.

If the sender fails to provide timely processing suggestions or the destination country government cannot accept the sender's processing suggestions, Lobo Logistics has the right to abandon the shipment without assuming any responsibility to the sender or others.

4. Freight

The shipping costs announced by the Lebu Logistics website and its sales personnel do not include remote fees, as well as additional fees related to special products and packaging. Some transportation methods require calculation based on the actual weight or volume of the goods, whichever is higher. Reweigh and measure all goods to confirm their calculation results. The sender shall pay or refund all freight, surcharges, storage fees, customs duties, and other taxes incurred by Lebao Logistics itself or on behalf of the sender, recipient, and any third party in the transportation services (some express delivery methods may not be able to know the additional fees in advance, and the final cost shall be based on the carrier's bill). Expenses related to returns, import fees, compensation, damages, fines, etc.

5. Returns

1) If the goods entrusted by the sender to be transported by Guanshi Supply Chain are due to one of the reasons described in Article 3 "Delivery and Non Delivery" of this agreement, after confirmation by both parties, Guanshi Supply Chain will return them to the domestic operation center.

2) Guanshi Supply Chain does not make a time commitment for goods that the sender needs to return. The specific notification time of Guanshi Supply Chain shall prevail.

3) Guanshi Supply Chain can provide a 7-day free warehousing service for goods that are stranded by the sender for any reason. Within 7 days, Guanshi Supply Chain will contact the sender via phone or email to seek processing opinions; If it exceeds 7 days, Guanshi Supply Chain will charge relevant fees to the sender through Shenzhen warehousing business; If the sender fails to provide a handling opinion for more than 6 months, Guanshi Supply Chain will dispose of it depending on the situation.

6. The responsibilities of the integrated supply chain

Based on this claim, the responsibility of Guanshi Supply Chain to the sender.

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