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US company registration:
Bank of America registration service can be provided, you only need to provide personal identification information!
Any citizen over the age of eighteen is eligible to apply to register a U.S. company and become a director of that company.
     Registering a company in the United States does not require registered capital. Your initial investment can be any number. When registering a company, you do not need to provide the amount of the initial investment, but you do need to state the amount of shares initially issued by the company.
      You can increase the number of shares issued by your company at any time after incorporation.
   How many directors are required to register a company in the US?
    A registered US company must have at least one director.
    What are the restrictions on the business scope of a company registered in the United States?
    A company registered in the United States does not have too many restrictions on the company's business industry and business projects. Therefore, your registered US company can operate any legal business business. However, since the business scope of a general company is limited to one line (about 40 English characters), please write the most important business scope.
    What do I need to pay attention to when naming a US company?
    There are no restrictions on the company name when registering a company in the United States. Therefore, as long as your company name is not registered by another company, you can use it. You may prefix the company name with the words CORP (CORPORATION), LTD (LIMITED), INC (INCORPORATED) or CO (COMPANY).
    How long does it take to register a US company?
    Generally speaking, it takes about a month. But sometimes there may be a delay of a week or two due to the delivery of documents and round-trip negotiation of specific issues.
    After the company is successfully registered, what kind of documents can I have to prove the existence and legitimacy of my newly registered company?
    Your company's business license and name registration certificate are valid legal documents for your company. The other is to execute the notary of the governor. In addition, all legally registered companies can be found on the powerful website of the state government. For example, you can click here to view our company.
    Will my U.S. business pay U.S. federal and state taxes?
    According to U.S. law, any company must pay taxes in accordance with the relevant U.S. tax laws.
    Does my registered US company need to file a year-end report?
    Yes. As an important prerequisite for your company's good record, your company must file year-end reports with the relevant US government departments every year.
    As a US company, what documents and information should I keep?
    U.S. corporate law requires a company to keep the following relevant information: records of the company's general meeting and board of directors, actions taken by directors or shareholders in the absence of a meeting, relevant accounting records, and records of all shareholder information. We have specially prepared an exquisite company document record book for you, which provides convenience for you to keep relevant information properly.
    Does my US company have to renew every year?
    Yes, companies in the United States have to do business license renewal procedures every year.

US Trademark Registration:
E-commerce customers are starting to have a stronger and stronger brand awareness. More and more customers choose to register brands to maintain their rights to guarantee sales. Jinhongya can provide you with registration services in the United States.
A trademark is a brand name. A trademark or service mark includes any word, name, symbol, device, or any combination thereof, used or intended to be used to identify and distinguish one seller or supplier of goods/services from another, attributing the goods/services.
U.S. Trademark Registration Benefits
Registering a trademark with the U.S. State Council and the Trademark Office is an important step in strengthening and protecting your trademark, brand or company name. Although some trademark exclusive rights arise just from the proper use of the mark with the goods or services offered by your company, trademark registration offers significant additional benefits.
For example, registration on a U.S. registered trademark provides you with the goods or services listed in the trademark registration with presumptive validity and privileged ownership. A U.S. trademark registration allows to treat your trademark if it has been used nationwide since the filing date, and to generate constructive notice to prevent infringement, claiming "good faith" through the infringing logo.
US Trademark Registration Process
First Steps: Trademark Search
Conducting a trademark search at the US Trademark Office includes evaluating and analyzing your trademark by an experienced person. Ensuring the possibility of registering your trademark in the United States, this protection is optional but highly recommended. US Trademark Inquiry Click Here
Part II: Application for Trademark Registration
Registering a trademark in the United States involves vigorously compiling and submitting information to the US Trademark Office, and our trademark attorneys will track and supervise the entire process of registering your trademark in the United States until completion.
Part 3: Trademark Registration Certificate
Once your trademark is registered by the US Intellectual Property and Trademark Office, you can obtain a US trademark certificate.
U.S. trademark filing time
Acceptance receipt time: 1 month; registration time: 12-18 months;

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